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Training Online:
Impara, Cresci, Realizza!

Statistics for Data Analysis powered by SPSS is a solution designed and created by a team of professionals of SPS specialising in Data Analysis.

SPS has been operating for over 25 years as Italian centre of competence for Statistics.

Statistics for Data Analysis is the ideal solution for all users looking for a statistical analysis tool, even the less experienced, because it includes:

Know how

Operational tools to transmit software competence and skills 

The software operational tools refer to the skills and expertise required to use SPSS Statistics correctly, and are:


It is the gateway to the Statistics for Data Analysis solution, providing access to the software (during installation, start-up and upgrade), innovative features (e.g. Premium Modules and Add-Ons), training content (e.g. both user and installation manuals) and up-to-date information (e.g. webinar and course dates).

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These are additional features that are automatically installed in the SPSS Statistics menus with the aim of facilitating and automating your daily work, to get the most out of your analysis experience.

Created by our team of Data Analysis professionals, the Add-Ons were also created with the collaboration and suggestions of our customers.

Premium Modules 

(Auto-installers from LaunchBox)

  • PScore: Module that activates in the menu Analyze the technique ofPropensity Score Matching, which is useful when data comes from non-randomized studies, such as registries or medical records.
    Discover the Pscore Premium Add-On

  • Youden: Module that helps you to determine the optimal cut-off of a ROC curve, a very useful technique that shows classification performance at different probability thresholds.
    Discover the Youden Premium Add-On

Modulo Premium
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Statistics for Data Analysis App

The App is a mobile extension of the Statistics for Data Analisys Solution, where a variety of content is available:

  • Video Academy, with an open and a reserved area for customers

  • Scheduling of Online Training, specifying the topics that will be covered

  • Webinar dates and topics

  • Possible configurations of the SPSS Statistics for Data Analysis solution for statistical data analysis


The Statistics for Data Analysis App is a direct gateway to the whole SPS team.​

Download it from the stores

Servizi a valore

Value-added services

In addition to supporting you in choosing the right Statistics for Data Analysis solution for your specific data analysis needs, SPS provides

supporto metodologico
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Methodological support

SPS Service Program includes access to the customer area, where you can:

  • Filling in a form and send us methodological and functional questions on the use of Statistics for Data Analysis powered by SPSS

  • Consulting questions already posted by other customers, with a view to sharing and where you might already find what you are looking for

  • Reaching the Video Academy, where you can watch videos reserved for Customers

Supprto tecnico

Technical support

SPS Service Program includes the following services:

  • Technical assistance managed by our team of professionals of statistics analysis

  • Technical support

  • Direct management of the license codes

  • Free participation in all live webinars

  • Access to the Video Academy reserved to the clients

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Training Online
Scrivania con PC acceso in cui si vedono grafici

Online Training

The On-Line Training formula is designed to maintain a relationship and discussion with the trainer.
In fact, these are live courses, albeit remotely, in which a theoretical part is flanked by exercises, allowing all participants to have moments of exchange dedicated to the topics covered in each course.

Webinar live

Live Webinar

We periodically organise free webinars with the aim of showing the practical use of the Statistics for Data Analysis solution, which is dedicated to data analysis and includes SPSS Statistics.


Topics can range from medical and health care, to scientific research, to environmental issues or social, economic or tourism issues.

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Statistics Express
Statistics Express.jpg

Statistics Express

The new section of Video Statistics Pills.

​Every month we will publish a short and practical video on different statistical topics, designed to make statistics understandable and easy for everyone!

Licenze software

Software licenses powered by SPSS Statistics

Pacchetti Software

The Statistics for Data Analysis solution, in addition to the operational tools and services described above, includes the SPSS Statistics software, a package dedicated to statistical analysis and composed of several modules covering the entire analysis cycle:

  • import from external sources

  • data preparation and manipulation

  • a complete set of advanced analyses

  • production of reports and graphs

The modularity of the software has led the SPS team to develop different packages to make it easier to choose the one that best suits your specific needs.

You can choose among:

  • One of the software packages specific to each work sector, with reference to the Environment, Social & Economic, Health and Tourism areas.

  • One of the Entry, Standard, Professional and Premium bundles

  • A customized package, selecting each single module included in Statistics for Data Analysis

Contact us to find out which package is best suited to your needs

Software packages according to activity sector

Choose the package that best suits your needs, according to your activity sector:


Statistics for Data Analysis is a solution suitable for all users, both those who have recently approached the world of statistics and the more experienced ones.

Choose the bundle dedicated to the data analysis that more suits your needs, according to your competence:

Statistics for Data Analysis


Statistics for Data Analysis


Statistics for Data Analysis



  • All the analyses of Statistics for Data Analysis Standard

  • A complete set of functions to face the quality of data

  • Procedures to automate data preparation and validation

  • The ingredients for the models of segmentation and classification

  • Methodologies for developing reliable forecasts and reducing forecasting errors

  • Techniques for diagnosing problems arising from missing data


  • All the analyses of Statistics for Data Analysis Professional

  • A complete set of functions to face the complexity of data

  • The evaluation of sampling designs

  • The ingredients needed to conduct effective marketing campaigns

  • Methodologies for analysing small or rare occurrence data sets

  • Techniques for identifying complex relationships between data using neural networks

  • Structural equations


  • Data import from external sources

  • Basic descriptive analyses


  • TAll the analyses of Statistics for Data Analysis Entry

  • The essential statistics procedures to ensure precision and reliability of data analysis

  • The ingredients to set up multiple linear and non-linear regression

  • Techniques for carrying out survival analyzes

  • Propensity Score Matching

Statistics for Data Analysis


Customised package

Build the data analysis package that best suits your needs by choosing each individual module.

Base e Add-Onessential starting point to which one or more of the following modules can be added, grouped by field of analysis:



Forecast analysis

Structural equations

Pacchetto personalizzato

To discover the modules that more suit your needs

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