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SPS Service Program
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The services included in SPS Service Program

SPS Service Program is reserved for all those who purchase the solution Statistics for Data Analysis and includes:

  • Technical assistance managed by our team of professionals specializing in statistical analysis for:

    • Specialist support questions (some examples: "where do I find Add-Ons?", "is X functionality included in the Statistics Base module?", "in which module is X functionality included in Statistics for Data Analysis", "can I import *.csv files?", "can I export reports in *.ppt format", "can I get the software in Italian or in another language?", etc.). 

    • Problems during installation (some examples: "how do I install the new Add-On?", "during installation I got error message x, what can I do to fix it?", "how do I know if the Contingency Tables Add-On is already installed?" "the system requirements of my PC are xxx, do they correspond to the minimum requirements to install Statistics for Data Analysis version X, etc.).

  • Technical support

  • Opening a ticket by writing to a dedicated email

  • Possibility of being contacted by telephone, according to specific problems

  • Direct management of the license codes

  • Dedicated e-mail for license key management issues, e.g. when changing PCs, updating software or transferring a license from one user to another.

  • Sending of all version, release and fix pack updates

  • Free participation in all live webinars programmed by the team of SPS

  • Access to the Customer area


Who is SPS Service Program reserved for?

SPS Service Program is reserved for all those who have an active contract with SPS, i.e. who have entered into a contract with SPS and which is valid.

In particular, it is reserved for:

  • those who have just purchased a Perpetual License, which always includes the SPS Service Program contract for the first year

  • those who have renewed their SPS Service Program contract, starting from the second year of purchase of a Perpetual License

  • who has purchased or renewed an Annual License

  • who has bought or renewed a SchoolLaB or Campus contract

  • who has bought or renewed a ResearchLaB contract

Why is it important to renew SPS Service Program?

It is important to renew SPS Service Program for:

  • Keeping software up to date. Because technological evolution is moving at great speed and software updates not only resolve bugs, compatibility and security issues, but also bring new functions and innovations.

  • Keeping the technical support services active. In fact, it is only if the SPS Service Program is active that technical support can be accessed if "problems arise", because:

    • support is only given to customers covered by the service

    • if support responds even though the service is not active, the first thing that is usually requested is to upgrade to the latest software version

  • Access to the Customer area which includes the possibility of:

    • Filling in a form and send us methodological and functional questions on the use of Statistics for Data Analysis powered by SPSS

    • Consulting questions already posted by other customers, with a view to sharing and where you might already find what you are looking for

    • Reaching the Video Academy, where you can watch videos reserved for Customers

When is it possible to renew SPS Service Program?

The service can be renewed:

  • after 1 year from the purchase of a Perpetual License

  • on expiry of the contract, which may be renewed for a minimum period of 1 year


In fact, in all other cases (Annual Licence, SchoolLab, Campus or ResearchLaB) it is already included!

Need some help?

Take a look at our FAQs to find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Alternatively, write to these references to request technical support:

In case of a service request, remember to specify:​​

  • the main characteristics of the PC on which the software is installed (operating system, processor speed, amount of RAM memory, space in the storage unit)

  • the version of the software in use (including any installed fixpacks)

  • a detailed description of the error, including a screenshot of the error when possible)

Technical support is guaranteed on the latest released version and, as far as possible, on the previous one.

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