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We periodically organize free webinars with the aim of demonstrating the practical use of the Statistics for Data Analysis solution, dedicated to data analysis and including SPSS Statistics.

The topics can vary from those in the medical and healthcare field to scientific research, environmental themes, as well as social economic, and tourism-related subjects.

In addition to topics, the presentations also vary in terms of expertise levels, offering introductory themes, such as data access and preparation, as well as more specific subjects like regression analysis, survival analysis, factorial analysis, and so on.

The distinctive features of these webinars are:

  • To provide an overview of specific software functionalities, without the intention of providing comprehensive instruction, a task that is entrusted to our courses.

  • They are free of charge.

  • They typically last for about one hour.

  • They are conducted live and online.​

At the end of the webinar, no participation certificates are issued, as they are not intended for educational purposes but rather for knowledge sharing.

Events calendar:

  • Linear regression applied to reading data (webinar in English)

    • March 2024

  •  Data Management with Statistics for Data Analysis (webinar in Italian)

    • Aprile 2024

  • T-Test with Statistics for Data Analysis (webinar in English)

    • May 2024

  • Connections and differences between ANOVA and GLM (webinar in Italian)

    • June 2024

  • Chi-Square with Statistics for Data Analysis (webinar in italiano)

    • September 2024

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