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Discover the Customer Area

In continuation of the development path of the Statistics for Data Analysis solution, the SPS team extends the range of services included in, providing its customers with an entire reserved area, where you can:

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Using the services of the customer area is very easy:

  • Request access by clicking on the button 

  • Register by filling in the required fields

Within 48 working hours our team will provide you with access, after checking that your email is associated with an active contract.

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Not a customer but would like to find out how to access the contents of this area?

We will show you how!

In the customer area you will be able to consult questions that have already been submitted by other customers,

for example:

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Video Academy

In this section you will find on-demand videos on specific topics lasting from 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.

These are some of the topics that might interest you:

  • Overview and introductory context of Cluster Analysis

  • Main types of missing data and methods that can be used to handle them

  • Overview and introductory context of Logistic Regression

  • Introduction to Multiple Linear Regression and variable selection methods

  • Descriptive and predictive purposes of Linear Regressions

  • Forecasting models in epidemiology

  • and much more...

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