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LaunchBox is the gateway to Statistics for Data Analysis, which SPS has designed for its users to offer innovative functionality and educational content to get the most out of their analysis experiences.

LaunchBox is an operational tool that includes the following functions:

Control Dashboard

The dashboard includes:

  • Access to the software during initial installation, updating and start-up

  • Up-to-date information content on webinars and course calendar

  • News about the world of Statistics for Data Analysis

Need to install the software?

Avvio LaunchBox


It's the showcase of all Add-Ons and includes:

  • a list of all the Add-Ons included in the menu of Statistics and already automatically installed together with the software

  • New Add-Ons, which you can install automatically from this tool (the SPS team releases new ones periodically)

  • Description of each Add-On with the possibility to download all manuals and practical examples for each of them

Want to see a list of all Add-Ons?

Premium PScore Module

New module to be installed from the LaunchBox and which activates in the menu Analyse the Propensity Score Matching technique useful when data come from non-randomised studies, e.g. from registers or medical records.

This technique allows greater generalisability at a lower cost and time.

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Strumenti aggiuntivi

Additional tools

It is a section that allows you to:

  • Activate the license or the additional modules

  • Install and activate AMOS

  • Install the license manager, for managing competing licenses

  • Install the Data Access Pack, which contains specific drivers for connecting large data stores (e.g. SQL, Oracle, etc.).

User and installation manuals

It contains the list of manuals, which can be downloaded to your PC, for:

  • Installing and activating the software

  • Supporting the user in learning how to use it

Manuali d'uso
Webinar launchBox


Includes direct registration to scheduled webinars.

Webinars are free online presentations organised by the SPS team, which aim to show the practical use of the Statistics for Data Analysis solution.

Want to see past webinars?

Want to see past webinars?


This section is regularly updated by the SPS team to keep you up to date with news and projects from the world of

Statistics for Data Analysis.

Want to discover our latest news?

Prossimi training launchBox

Online Training

Section dedicated to the programming of online courses, designed to make learning to use the software quick and easy.

The courses are distinguished by level of expertise, starting with the introductory level (INTRO) and by area of expertise, such as statistical inference (TEST), regression (REG), survival analysis (SURV), etc.

Want to see the training schedule?

Add - On
Training Online
Strumenti aggiuntivi
Manuali d'uso
Modulo Premium PScore
LaunchBox Statistics for Data Analysis
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