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Statistics for Health

This software package covers all areas of analysis where data stems from medical, biological, clinical, and epidemiological studies. It is therefore aimed at all researchers and medical professionals working in the healthcare field, including hospitals, local health authorities (ASL), chemical laboratories, psychology and epidemiology studies.


Package designed for:

  • Describing information in summary form

  • Evaluating scientific experiments

  • Exploring relationships between multiple variables

  • Setting up survival tables and analysis

  • Set Curve ROC and the optimal cut-off

Includes the modules

Base, Advanced and Youden


In addition to the functionality of the Entry package you can:

  • Set up risk models

  • Generate response models and drug dosages

  • Analyzing with the Propensity Score Matching technique


In addition to the functionality of the Midi package you can:

  • Present the results of analyses

  • Evaluate the potential effects and/or characteristics associated with cases with missing data, with substitution and treatment of missing data.

Includes the modules of the package Entry plus Regression and PScore

Includes the modules of the package Midi plus Tables and Missing Values

Statistics for Data Analysis is an intuitive data analysis solution that makes it easy for you to understand and interpret your data and turn it into information, even if you are not an expert in the field.

Download the comparative table of the functionalities of each package

All the packages include the Add-Ons

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