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Statistics Exact Tests

Thoroughly analyze small or infrequently occurring datasets


Statistics Exact Tests allows you to getreliable results, usingsmall samples.

Thanks to this module it is possible to eliminate the risk of generating incorrect results, which could be obtained using traditional statistical tests, in cases where:

  • You need to analyze a small number of case variables with a high response rate for each category, or

  • You should divide your data into optimized subsets


With Statistics Exact Tests you can:


  • Manage a testat any time with just a few clicks.

  • Choose betweenover 30 exact tests, covering the full range of categorical and nonparametric data problems for small or large datasets, contingency tables, and measures of associations.

  • Slice and dicesome data. You are not limited by five or more items per cell to get correct results.

  • Search forrare occurrencesin large datasets.

  • Maintenance oforiginal projector natural categories—for example, geographic areas, income or age groups, by analyzing the requested data.


Data sheetStatistics Exact Tests

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