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Statistics for Tourism

This software package covers the areas of studies and research whose data are linked to tourism activities and services.

It is therefore aimed at all those who have to work with this type of data in order to understand, for example, the trends in progress, the responses to the territorial cultural or tourist offer or how the quality of the tourist offer is perceived.

Software packages for tourism research are:


Package designed for:

  • Describing information in summary form

  • Identifying relationships in categorical data

  • Generating linear models and exploratory factor analyses to identify the most relevant information

Includes the modules

Base, Categories and Youden


In addition to the functionality of the Entry package you can:

  • Generate periodic reports

  • Present results with different reporting styles and graphs for easy interpretation of results

Includes the modules of the package Entry plus Tables


In addition to the functionality of the Midi package you can:

  • Identify the groups

  • Detect relations to predict future events

Includes the modules of the package Midi plus Decision Trees

Statistics for Data Analysis is an intuitive data analysis solution that makes it easy for you to understand and interpret your data and turn it into information, even if you are not an expert in the field.

Download the comparative table of the functionalities of each package

All the packages include the Add-Ons

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