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Bring value to your company with business analytics

Advanced Analytics have become a fundamental tool for efficient corporate resource planning thanks to the application of predictive models that allow you to extract value from corporate data.


The Zanichelli publishing house, an Italian point of reference for the production and distribution of school books, has expressed the need to have advanced analytical models that allow it to improve, in terms of precision, the forecast of sales on school volumes and, in particular, on novelties, which are by nature less easily predictable.


For the definition of these forecasting tools and the creation of an automated process of reading and using company data for the production of estimates, Zanichelli chose SPS.

From the point of view of the consultancy service, SPS boasts over 20 years of experience in predictive analytics projects, combining strong analytical expertise with knowledge of business processes.


Choosing SPSS Modeler software allows the customer to have a
available a user friendly, fast and complete tool for the range of algorithms made available and data sources that can be managed simultaneously. Thanks to the development of the forecast workflow in Modeler, it was possible to automate the processing of adoption and sales forecasts for all volumes in the catalogue, while obtaining:


  • Reduction of forecast errors and, consequently, reduction of costs;

  • Anticipation of the book printing and distribution process and of the planning and implementation of promotional activities;

  • Reduction of the time spent by the customer's resources in time consuming activities for the production of the forecast with company tools;

  • Real-time update of forecasts and daily monitoring of production progress compared to forecasts

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