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The t-test with Statistics for Data Analysis

During this video, after an overview on the topic ofstatistical inference, with some hints at the differences between test parametric and non-parametric, let's delve into one of the best known tests: thet-test (or Student's test).

The T-test is one of the best known because it serves for compare equality statistics of medium of two populations or of the same population with respect to a certain reference value.


Target of this presentation is to understand when, in what cases and what are the restrictions to be able to use this type of parametric test. 


These the subjectsfaced with examples practical thanks to the solution Statistics for Data Analysis, which includes SPSS:

  • Summary notes rules for testing statistical inference

  • Notes on differences between parametric and non-parametric tests

  • Hiring of the t-test

  • Criteria to decide when to use the parametric test versus a non-parametric procedure

Look at the features of the moduleStatistics Base

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