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Video Academy | Tourist area

The statistical analysis techniques presented in these videos are applicable to all thematic areas, focusing specifically on examples of a tourism type.

Factor analysis with Statistics for Data Analysis

How many times have you had numerous data available from health registers, surveys, medical records or in any case non-randomized data, because organizing an experiment is too costly in terms of costs and time?
Watching this video you have the opportunity to see how the Propensity score matching technique, which is based on real cases, results similar to those of randomized studies are obtained.


  • Odds Ratio to measure the association between two factors 

  • Brief overview on logistic regression

  • Practical example on'effect of alcohol intake on insomnia.

Find out what you can do with the form Basic

Statistical studies for tourism with Statistics for Data Analysis

In today's fast changing world, we have aincreasing amount of datarelated to tourism activities and services.

Thanks to Statistics for Data Analysis we can process all this data in order to be ableunderstand:

  • What are thecurrent trends

  • Which onesanswersto the local cultural or tourist offer

  • How is it perceivedqualityof the tourist experience offered

In this video, we will see Italian and European case studies whosedataon tourist movements will comeanalysedandcrosswith statistics relating to the availability of accommodation facilities and the corresponding local tourist offer.

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