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Statistics for Educational 

Statistics for Educational, is a bundle of offers created by SPS forschoolsand theUniversity, which allows for asimple approachandintuitiveatstatistical analysis of dataAnd Thatincludes SPSS Statistics.

Just for herssimplicityof use issuitable for all fields of applicationand covers the needs of all coexisting departments in a single university but different from each other.


LThe solution can be purchased under an annual (or multi-year) license for:

  • Single user, teacher or researcher (also available in perpetual license), can be customized by choosing the most suitable modules for the specific needs of the study or research field and enjoy a60% fixed discountcompared to the standard price lists

  • Academic multiusers, also students, in modality:

    • SchoolLaBfor asingle laboratory/department(minimum 15 users);

    • campusesForthe whole university(minimum 250 users, also available for unlimited users on a FTE basis)

Multi-user licensesSchoolLab and Campusincludethe Premium bundle, that isall Statistics modules beyond Amosand enjoyfurther discountscompared to the single user license.

You have thefundsor godsfundingavailablefor research? And Theright time to use them at best:

you chooseStatistics for Educational and transform the results of your daily work.

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