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Statistics for Data Analysis and Spreadsheets: comparison

Do you dostatistical analysiswith spreadsheets?

Take part in this webinar and find out how tosimplifyyour work withStatistics for Data Analysis powered by SPSS.

Goal of the webinar is toappearsspreadsheets with the Statistics for Data Analysis software, which allows toautomaticthecreationof reports and create analyzes without going into long formulas

The webinar is intended forprofessionalsfrom all fields and who need toelaborate date.


These professionals can be doctors, epidemiologists, chemists, physicians, meteorologists and all types of researchers (environmental, demographic, social, economic and so on).

The videos are the property of SPS Srl, they cannot be disclosed and can only be viewed by the authorized registered user. The access credentials are for personal use only and are not transferable.

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