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1 Predictive Analytics & Data Model Senior Consultant

Place of work:


  • Milan

  • Rome


Duties and responsibilities


The sought-after figure is responsible for modeling, data preparation and the final predictive performance of the applications. He/She is responsible for translating the business problem into analytical form. He will guide his team in analytical knowledge, help in the search for quantitative evidence to address the business problem through the data available, in order to produce the maximum added value in the final process.
He will play a   leading role due to his market knowledge and ability to develop analysis and forecasts.
The sought-after figure is able to show how data analysis can help address and solve business problems.


Requirements required


  • Degree in Statistics, Economics, Physics or Mathematics

  • Hasa good understanding of multiple forecasting, organizing and optimization techniques

  • Has extensive knowledge of IBM SPSS, SAS and R packages

  • He has real experience as a marketing analytics specialist

  • Has good knowledge of industrial processes

  • Fluency in English

  • At least 4 years of experiencenza in the same roles


It offers


  • Salary and benefits aligned to the profile we are looking for.



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