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1 Junior Data Scientist

Place of work:


  • Rome


Duties and responsibilities


The sought-after figure is a junior data scientist. The role is to manage, assist, create and contribute to data analysis and value-added information creation through analytics, transforming data and information to support business decisions with facts .  This occurs through phases that include the collection, understanding, cleaning, reconciliation, selection and preparation of data and the development of predictive statistical models, as well as the phases of communication and visualization of the results. The picture is completed by the knowledge and ability to use specialized data analysis tools. Being part of a team with a strong analytical connotation will allow you to refer to more expert figures to whom you can rely for guidance and growth, but the ability to develop autonomy inWork.


Requirements required


  • ​Degree in Statistics, Physics, Mathematics or Economics (but with a quantitative-numerical connotation)

  • Verbal skills in explaining even complex (mathematical) concepts

  • Pleasure in relating to people

  • Passion for numbers

  • Arrangement for precision and reliability in one's work

  • Problem solving skills

  • Inclined to work in a team, but with the ability to work independently

  • Minimal knowledge of database analysis (SQL language)


Preferred requirements


  • Knowledge of statistical software packages (SPSS Statistics, SPSS Modeler, SAS, R, Python)

  • Good knowledge of English

  • Some experience ofcoding(programming)


It offers


  • Salary and benefits aligned to the profile we are looking for.


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