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Modeler Premium

Modeler Premium handles a multitude of business problems, with a set of algorithms and advanced features.

Modeler Premium incorporates the Text Mining module.

​Text Mining allows you to transform any text into quantitative data and obtain detailed information using the analysis of opinions. The solution uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies designed specifically for the analysis of a text, such as those coming from surveys.

 Text mining classifies responses and integrates the results with other data to improve insights and statistical analysis.

  • Automate the classification process to eliminate the time and cost of manual scheduling.

  • It uses linguistic technologies to reduce the contradictions of human language, identifying patterns of behavior, opinions and preferences detectable in textual documents.


Automate the classification process

  • Create categories or use pre-built categories.

  • Quickly extract key opinions and concepts.

  • Use category display features.

  • Export a summary bar chart to allow you to view main categories or export results for analysis and graphing.

  • Save time and provide more consistent results by reusing categories in updated or similar documents.

  • Increase productivity and enhance valuable information using hierarchical category structures (categories containing sub-categories).

Use linguistic technologies

  • Identify the main themes and distinguish the positive comments from the negative ones, without reading all the replies.

  • Parse text in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

  • Analyze content translated into English from many other languages using SDL translation software.

  • Take advantage of 64-bit operating system support to increase productivity with large files.

Modeler Premium data sheet

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