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Environment Training Pack Online

Online training course for environmental research


The On-Line Training formula is designed to maintain a relationship and discussion with the trainer.

Trainings are organized over several sessions of about two or three hours, using a web platform through which the teacher gives live, remote lessons, combining the theoretical part with practical exercises, allowing all participants to have moments of exchange dedicated to the topics covered in each session.

The aim of this training course is to provide participants with the main notions for exploring experimental data in order to:

  • Describe information in summary form

  • Highlight implicit relationship structures (patterns) which characterize the data

  • Derive interpretative and predictive models of reality

This training course is aimed at all those who have to deal with data on nature parks, land characteristics, water, waste, emissions, motorization rate, renewable energy production or information that is the result of environmental monitoring: meteorological surveys, hydro-pluviometric data (i.e. relating not only to rainfall but also to river levels), air quality data.

It is also useful for those dealing with environmental data in terms of agriculture, industry and services and transport.

The training course for environmental and agricultural research is as follows:

  • 2 introductory and preparatory courses to the use of Statistics for Data Analysis - Entry Level

  • 2 in-depth courses on the study of data deriving from the research in the agricultural and environmental sectors - Advanced Level

Environment Training Pack

Total duration 52 hours and a half

entry level

Total duration 25 hours

Advanced Level

Total duration 27 hours and a half

  • Entry Level:   

    . List price 1.250,00 €  

    . If you register at least 15 days before 1.125,00 €

     Price refers to Entry Level Online (total 25 hours)

  • Advanced Level:

    . List price 1.375,00 €

    . If you register at least 15 days before, 1.165,00 €

     Price refers to Advanced Level (total 27 hours and a half)

  • Full Pack:

    . List price 2,625.00 €

    . If you register at least 15 days before 2,100.00 €

     Price refers to Full Pack (total 52 hours and a half)

All prices refer to one participant and exclude VAT.

To take advantage of the offer reserved for each training course (Entry Level, Advanced Level and Full), you must register at least 15 days before the start date of the first course included in each package.

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