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TESTS Online

Statistical Testing Online Course with Statistics for Data Analysis

To organize the english course


Providing an overview of the main statistical tests, both parametric and non-parametric, in order to identify the optimal technique in relation to the type of data and the objectives of the analysis.


Techniques presented:

Parametric and non-parametric statistical tests, analysis of variance, calculation of test significance.


The cost of the entire TEST Online course (5 sessions, for a total of 12 hours and 30 minutes) is 625.00 Euro (excluding VAT) per participant.


Practice is planned for each of the topics covered.



It is a prerequisite to attend an introductory course (scheduled or online) or to have an intermediate knowledge of Statistics for Data Analysis.



Online course lasting 12 hours and 30 minutes, divided into 5 sessions of 2 hours and 30 minutes each.


Our online courses are delivered live in order to ensure maximum interaction and collaboration between teacher and participants. For this reason, the presence of participants in all lessons is considered essential.

In case of absence from a lesson, the Training Staff will send the learner the points and exercises covered during the missed lesson.

If more than one lesson is missed, the Training Staff reserves the right not to send the student the certificate of participation.

Certificate of attendance:

A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the course.

Topics that will be addressed for each session:

First session (2 hours and 30 minutes)

Estimation and inference theory

  • Estimation on a sample basis

  • The sample mean and sample variance estimators

  • Standard error

  • Confidence intervals


Testing a statistical hypothesis

  • Methods for calculating statistical significance

  • Asymptotic method

  • Exact method

  • Monte Carlo method


Second session (2 hours and 30 minutes)

Analisi di due fenomeni congiuntamente considerati: variabili categoriali

  • Association between two categorical variables

  • Contingency tables

  • Graphic representations


Third session (2 hours and 30 minutes)

Analysis of two phenomena taken together: categorical variables

  • Comparison of means of a quantitative variable for levels of a classificatory variable (stratified means)

  • Graphic representations

  • The test statistic T

  • Non-parametric tests (Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Kruskall-Wallis)

  • Summary of the main non-parametric tests available in Statistics


Fourth session (2 hours and 30 minutes)

Analysis of two phenomena considered together: continuous variable vs. several categorical variables

  • Introduction to the Analysis of Variance model

  • Univariate and simple factorial ANOVA

  • Multiple comparison test to identify homogeneous subgroups

  • Introduction to Generalised Linear Models

  • Evaluation of interactions between factors

Fifth session (2 hours and 30 minutes)

Analysis of two phenomena considered together - continuous variable vs. one or more continuous variables

  • Linear correlation between two continuous variables

  • Covariance and correlation

  • Graphic representation

  • The simple linear regression model

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