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Statistics Direct Marketing

The Statistics Direct Marketing Module provides all the analysis tools necessary for effective conductmarketing campaigns, using an intuitive graphical interface.


The templates included in the Direct Marketing Module allow you to drawgo deeperinformation on the Customer Base, ofimprovemarketing campaigns andmaximizethe ROI of the marketing budget.

For example, Direct Marketing allows you to classify customers based on:

  • Transactional datai.e. how recently, how often and how much they bought

  • Identificationcharacteristics, such as age, marital status, job function and place of residence

The Statistics Direct Marketing Module, while implementing advanced analytics, facilitates the user's task because it has an interfaceintuitiveand a Scoring Wizard to simplify data classification.


Statistics Direct Marketing allows Customer Base and direct marketing managers to:


  • Developa marketing strategy for each customer group.

  • Comparethe efficiency of direct mail campaigns and identify campaign responses by postcode.

  • Connectto to identify customer information, gather opportunity details, and perform analysis.

  • Choosebetween several analysis options that includeRFM extension(recency, frequency and monetary value), cluster analysis, customer profiling, postal code analysis, propensity score, control test.

  • To preventspam by monitoring the frequency of emails sent to each customer cluster.


Data sheet

Statistics Direct Marketing

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