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Statistics Bootstrapping

Ensure the stability of the models


The Statistics Bootstrapping module allows you to ensurereliabilityand theaccuracyof analysis models. 

The procedures included in this module allow to efficiently estimate the standard errors, the confidence intervals of a population parameter such as the mean , the median , the
proportion , odds ratios , correlation coefficient, regression coefficient and many more.


Statistics Bootstrapping allows you to:


  • To estimatequickly and easily the sample distribution of an estimator, reshaping and replacing the original sample.

  • Createthousands of alternative versions of datasets for a more accurate view of the data to be analyzed.

  • Reducethe impact of missing or anomalous data, ensuring the stability and reliability of the models.

  • To estimatethe standard errors and confidence intervals of a population parameter, such as mean, median, proportion, odds ratio, correlation coefficient, regression coefficient, and many others.



Statistics Bootstrapping

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