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"Linear Regressions": SPS will talk about it during the webinar on June 10th at 10.30 am!

Thanks to the suggestions left by the participants of the previous appointment, SPS is planning a next free webinar dedicated to Regressions, analyzes of great interest to the medical world.

During the webinar we will be provided with ideas, thanks to practical examples with the Statistics Solution powered by SPSS

Bologna, 5 June 2020 - SPS, historical protagonist of the world of Statistical Analysis,

is planning a new webinar where he will provide an overview of Linear Regression analyses.


Objectives of the Webinar "Linear Regressions” 

with Statistics for Data Analysis

Objective of the June 10 presentation

at 10.30 will be to show how to set up

and use the regression model,

via Statistics for Data Analysis

power by SPSS.


As usual, practical examples will be shown.

 Topics of the webinar will be:

  • Relations between variables

  • Parameter estimation in the Linear Regression model

  • Regression Diagnostics


Participation in the webinar on June 10 is free!

Enough to participatefill in the form in the dedicated area of the SPS website.
SPS is also preparing the appointment on LinkedIn, gradually sharing information and material.



🎓 The rapporteur

The webinar will be held by Doctor Antonella Santucci, pediatrician and specialist in medical statistics and epidemiology.

The webinar on Linear Regressions is one of many aimed at professionals working in the healthcare system, with the aim of bringing them closer to the field of medical statistics.

These appointments organized by SPS provide good ideas on topics that are treated in depth in the various courses offered.  The Solution we will show is Statistics for Data Analysis:_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ friendly and at the same time suitable  also  for advanced statistical analysis”said the rapporteur Antonella Santucci.


Dr. Santucci has been part of the SPS trainers team since 2001 and since then she has successfully held numerous courses, aimed at  especially at  doctors. The most requested courses concern descriptive statistics, statistical inference with various tests, prediction of a quantitative and qualitative phenomenon, propensity score, analysis of  survival.

Speaking of survival analysis, in 2006, together with Prof. Elena Stanghellini, Prof. Sir David Cox presented a lecture at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Perugia addressed to medical researchers entitled "The present position of statistical sciences”.

🥁 SPS: Training webinars to keep up to date

SPS organizes its webinars thanks to the ideas it receives from the realities with which it collaborates, as well as from its attentive presence in the field.

SPS webinars are an important building block of acomplete training offer, which combines these panoramic moments of in-depth study in the classroom with scheduled training lasting a few days, onsite and on-the-job courses. Webinar videos are available in the SPS Video Academy.

SPS has decided to open its entire Video Academy during this period, including the area it reserves for customers, to allow interested parties to devote themselves to their training in the field of statistical analysis.
THEonline trainingthose aimed at the medical sector, such as REG and SURV, are now available and are on the way.

Editorial contacts

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