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“The Statistics for Data Analysis PScore Module” will be presented by SPS during the webinar on March 17th at 10.30am!

Propensity score matching is a very useful technique when data comes from non-randomized studies. This functionality has been incorporated into the Statistics Solution powered by SPSS with a new Premium Module


Bologna, 12 March 2021 -
SPS, historic protagonist of the world of Statistical Analysis,

is planning a new webinar dedicated to

Propensity Score Matching, useful for obtaining similar results

to those of randomized trials, even when the data are

collected through surveys, health registers, medical records

or in any case from observational studies.

🎯 Topics of the presentation on March 17 at 10.30 will be:

  • Odds Ratio to measure the association between two factors 

  • Brief overview of Logistic Regression

  • Practical example with the PScore Premium Module, which implements the technique of
    Propensity Score Matching


       Objectives of the Webinar "The PScore Module" of Statistics for Data Analysis

  • Show the necessary basis for an overview of the Propensity Score Matching technique

  • Practice with a practical example with Statistics for Data Analysis, opening the PScore module, integrated in the Analyze menu of SPSS Statistics and available through a simple dialog


Participation in the March 17 webinar is free!


Enough to participatefill in the form in the dedicated area of the SPS website
SPS is also presenting the appointment on LinkedIn, gradually sharing information and material.


🎓 The rapporteur

The webinar will be hosted byAntonella Santucci, a specialist in medical statistics and epidemiology, who actively collaborated with the SPS soul factory for the development of the PScore module itself.


🥁 SPS: Training webinars to keep up to date

SPS organizes its webinars thanks to the ideas it receives from the realities with which it collaborates, as well as from its attentive presence in the field. The webinar videos are available in the SPS Video Academy, fully accessible to all for 1 month.


SPS webinars are an important piece of a complete training offer, which combines these panoramic moments of in-depth study in the classroom with scheduled training lasting a few days, onsite and on-the-job courses.

The online training proposal is by now consolidated for SPS and a project that always needs to be enriched. The dates of some new appointments dedicated to thelogistic regressionand atCox's analysisand alPropensity Score Matchingsame.

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