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Analysis of Covariance for environmental data”: the SPS live Webinar path dedicated to the environment continues


The appointment

Bologna, 18 October 2019 -
SPS, historic player in the world of Analytics,

continue to offer appointments - live and online -

to strengthen skills in using the solution

SPSS Statistics for Data Analysis, in the various fields of application.

On Tuesday 5 November at 11, SPS will be live with the second appointment dedicated to environmental sciences, entitled: "Analysis of Covariance for environmental datawith Statistics for Data Analysis”.

The target

The aim of the presentation will be to show an introduction to the Analysis of Covariance, consisting of a set of statistical techniques which allow  to verify hypotheses relating to the differences between the means of two or more populations, downstream of the effect of one or more covariates.

The rapporteur

“During the webinar we will illustrate not only the method, but also examples practical use of Statistics for Data Analysis, software to quickly learn how these techniques are used” declared the webinar speaker Arianna Azzellino, professor at the Milan Polytechnic who has been collaborating with SPS for some time in relation to training activities.
Arianna Azzellino is an expert in data, environmental and biological analysis and has followed various consultancies in the environmental sector. He has many years of experience in the field of spatial data management related to modeling and monitoring of environmental and pollution phenomena. In this way, he combined his statistical skills with experiences of analysis using geographic information systems (GIS) and the use of geostatistics for the analysis of environmental data.

The theme

SPS has dedicated a mini cycle of appointments to environmental statistics because data analysis is now essential in this sector.


The Analysis of Variance ANOVA is widely used in environmental sciences, whose research data derive from surveys on: pollution, energy systems, waste, agricultural, forest and urban land.
Sometimes, however, to better understand the effect of particular influencing factors it is necessary to implement the ANOVA model with a covariate: the ANOVA thus becomes ANCOVA, Analysis of Covariance.

The topics covered will receive a bath of concreteness thanks to the practical use examples with
Statistics for Data Analysis.

SPS webinars are an important piece of a complete training offer, which combines these panoramic moments of in-depth study in the classroom with scheduled training lasting a few days, onsite and on-the-job courses, online training.

Thereparticipation is free, upon registration.

For o 051 252573.

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