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Statistics for Data Analysis Add-Ons

The Add Ons ofStatistics for Data Analysiswere born thanks to the strong experience gained in the field of Analytics and the in-depth knowledge of IBM SPSS Statistics.


This allows us to provide our customers with additional features to optimize their daily work.

Our customers can easily download and install all of our Add-Ons, which will then be displayed directly in the main menu.

The Add-Ons will be able to support you in every phase of the analysis, such as:

  • In the data preparation part with the possibility of automatically splitting a file or with the extraction of a part of the text or supporting you in the replacement of missing values;

  • In the tabular understanding of data, such as the procedure that allows you to customize a contingency table, also automatically importing the data into a new dataset, ready for new analyses;

  • In understanding and graphical presentation of data, such as the functionality of the bar graph superimposed on a graphic element to visualize its variation.

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