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The completely open Video Academy of Statistics for Data Analysis: #IoRestoaCasa

SPS has facilitated the use of its training material on the power by SPSS statistical analysis solution to encourage the restart, alsovia App


Bologna 20 March 2020 - SPS, historic protagonist of

world of Statistical Analysis, has chosen to be the most

as close as possible to its customers and interested parties around the world

of data analysis, promoting online training in

this area.

The company has thus decided to returncompletely open its own Video Academy, where the videos of the webinars held since 2016 are collected: the appointments combine a brief theoretical part always accompanied by practical examples on the use of the Statistics for Data Analysis Solution.


SPS Video Academy Themes


The available themes are, for example:

  • Data preparation

  • Statistics for Data Analysis and spreadsheets (Excel) compared

  • Analysis of variance

  • Regression

  • Survival analysis

  • Cluster Analysis

And much more.

The videos can be viewed free of charge via the website evia the Statistics App, available both on GooglePlay and on the AppStore by searching for Statistics for Data Analysis.


The SPS Video Academy is an area reserved for on-demand presentations on the power by SPSS solution and from today it will be fully usable, without any registration or area reserved for customers, in order to facilitate those who want to strengthen their own training in the field of data analysis.

The insights featured have different levels of expertise, from more introductory topics such as data access and preparation to more advanced ones, such as analysis of variance and regression.


SPS:Training webinars to stay up to date

SPS organizes its webinars thanks to the ideas it receives from the realities with which it collaborates, as well as from its attentive presence in the field.

SPS webinars are an important piece of a complete training offer, which combines these panoramic moments of in-depth study in the classroom with scheduled training lasting a few days, onsite and on-the-job courses, online training. Videos of past webinars are available in the SPS Video Academy, now fully accessible to everyone.


SPS continues in an agile way to be close to its customers on a daily basis and to make its support felt by those who are dedicated to statistical data analysis.


Editorial contacts

Phone: 051 252573


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