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The world of Statistics for Data Analysis is increasingly at your fingertips: here is the LaunchBox!

SPSS statistical analysis software V.26 offers a smart tool, as a new piece of the Statistics Solution to have all the functions with you


Bologna, 13 December 2019 - SPS, historical protagonist of the world of Statistical Analysis, is ready to present to its customers Version 26 of the Statistics for Data Analysis Solution,

statistical analysis software.




Even closer to the needs of users

Over the years SPS has constantly worked to make the Statistics Solution more and more complete for its users and this version also embodies the dedication in  provide: content, stimuli and greater efficiency. The spearhead of this vocation is theLaunchBox, the gateway to Statistics statistical analysis software, which offers innovative features and educational content to get the most out of your analytical experiences.

Beyond the dashboard concept

LaunchBox is more than just a dashboard for Statistics for Data Analysis, thanks to thenew functions:


Control dashboardfrom all over the Statistics world, with useful information for installing the various releases, Stand Alone solutions and more

Self-installing add-ons: additional features developed by SPS that enhance the Statistics for Data Analysis solution, already available in the dedicated menus

Webinars: direct registration to the free webinars of interest, on various topics of statistical analysis and monitoring of future planning

Video Academy: facilitated access to the material of the last 3 years of webinars. This feature is also available viathe Statistics App.

Additional tools: Data Access Pack and license manager, for managing SPSS Statistics competitor architectures

User manuals: everything you need to know about Statistics for Data Analysis to optimize its benefits


What's new in SPSS Statistics for Data Analysis

With V. 26 of Statistics for Data Analysis it is also possible to:

  • Compare two ROC curves

  • Perform Quantile Regression Analysis

  • Use Bayesian procedures to:

  • ne-Way Repeated Measures ANOVA

  • One-Sample Binomial

  • One-Sample Poisson


Surround effect statistics

SPS has always been a competent and reliable partner, capable of executing but also anticipating the needs of its customers. According to the philosophy of offering multiple gateways to the Statistics for Data Analysis Solution, SPS hasenriched the LaunchBox with training contents, such as webinars and videos, to favor a complete vision of the SPS offer.

Already in September 2019 with the launch of the Statistics App, SPS provided a tool in the 4.0 toolbox, thanks to which users receive all the materials that the company constantly shares, in an even more direct way. The path has thus developed from a rich programming of training webinars to their on-demand use, with an area reserved for customers for the most innovative topics, to the App and today sees in the LaunchBox of V.26 of Statistics for Data Analysis its natural culmination.


Discover all the opportunities that open up thanks toStatistics for Data Analysis and its LaunchBox!



For information:info@spss.itor 051 252573.

Editorial contacts

Phone: 051 252573


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