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SYN training

Analytics Automation and Programming



Notions to be able to use Statistics for Data Analysis in all its automation potential through syntax.

Techniques presented

You will learn the commands for all phases of data management and how to use command declarations for analysis.


There are exercises for each of the topics covered.



Attending the INTRO course or having an intermediate knowledge of Statistics for Data Analysis is preparatory


Introduction to the Statistics for Data Analysis syntax

  • Using syntax

  • Syntax rules

  • Using the execute command

  • Execution of commands

  • Syntax file: example

  • Get help


Syntax programming

  • Creating syntax files

    • The syntax window

    • Syntax menu options

    • Using comments in syntax

    • Setting the file in syntax

    • Run Statistics for Data Analysis commands

  • Using the paste command

    • Paste the transformation commands

    • Paste the variable names

    • Paste a part of the command

    • Paste a procedure command

  • Syntax execution

    • Run an entire syntax file interactively

    • Modify commands

    • Reuse syntax

    • The command includes

    • The Statistics production utility

    • Automatic export of results


Transformations of variables through syntax

  • The structure of programming in statistics

    • do if & end if

    • do repeat & end repeat

    • loops & end loops

    • Temporary variables

    • The carriers

  • File management via syntax

    • Opening data files

    • Saving data files

    • Case selection

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