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SURV training

Survival Analysis


Construct parametric and non-parametric estimates of survival functions, compare two or more survival functions, estimate and interpret Cox proportional hazards model parameters

Techniques presented:

Survival Analysis Techniques (Descriptive Analysis, Survival Curves, Univariate and Multivariate Analysis)


​Practical exercises are planned for each of the topics covered.


Attending the TSC course or having knowledge of the topics it contains is preparatory. It is advisable to attend the REG course.


Survival databases: characteristics

  • Random variables of survival; the censoring

  • Create a data set for survival analysis

Descriptive analysis of survival

  • The calculation of the median follow-up

  • Calculation of median survival

  • Calculation of rates

  • Risk functions

  • survival functions

  • Construct survival curves

Univariate analysis

  • Kaplan-Meier Method (Product Limit)

  • Actuarial method (Life-table)

Multivariate analysis

  • Cox's proportional hazards model

  • Cox model with time-dependent variables

  • Compare survival curves

  • Hypothesis tests

  • The Log-Rank test (Mantel-Haenzel)

  • Stratified Cox models

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