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1 Software Developer

Place of work


Duties and responsibilities

Software Developer

The identified resource will join a web application development team for the business market.
The technologies used may vary in the different projects according to specific requirements and to ensure that the team is always able to deal with innovative contexts.
The team works with an Agile development methodology (Scrum).

Requirements required

Bachelor's degree in computer science or computer engineering required.

Knowledge of one or more of the following items (also gained with brief experience through university projects) is a preferential qualification:

 - Java and its most common design patterns that make use of polymorphism for the development of modular and scalable architectures

- framework for rapid development of Web Applications (Play, Spring, Node.js, Grails..).

- development/integration of REST services with libraries like jax-ws;

- development tools: intellij IDEA, Eclipse, git, maven, npm, bower.

- PostgreSQL database for server management and configuration and its use for application development

- NoSQL databases (MongoDB)

- FrontEnd technologies and the main frameworks on the market (HTML, HTML5, javascript, css, Angular.js, Bootstrap, React.js, npm, bower)

- GNU/Linux operating system for basic server configuration and administration.


In anticipation of a permanent contract, the type of employment will be evaluated considering the professional level of the candidate.

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