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PSCORE training

Propensity Score

The Propensity Score matching technique is used to make observational data "similar" to randomized data. It is useful for numerous cases and with numerous explanatory variables.


Using the logistic regression model, estimate the parameters that explain the variability of dichotomous or multinomial dependent variables. The estimated parameters are odds ratios.


Techniques presented:

Contingency tables, risk coefficients (relative risk, odds ratio), logistic regression, multinomial regression.


There are exercises for each of the topics covered.



Attending the TSC course or having knowledge of the topics it contains is preparatory.

It is advisable to attend the REG course.



Contingency tables

The risk indices:

  • Relative risk

  • odds ratio

  • Hazard Ratio

The logistic regression model:

  • Binomial

  • Multinomial

The propensity score:

  • Its purposes

  • The different ways of  application

  • The different types of matching

  • How to analyze matched data

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