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SPS enters into a partnership with ASSIRM to support market research

Assirm associates will have  privileged access to SPSS Statistics for Data Analysis solutions

Bologna, 18 July 2019 - SPS, historic player in the world of Analytics, has signed an important commercial agreement with ASSIRM, the association that brings together the major Italian companies that carry out market research, opinion polls and social research.

ASSIRM is the reference point for market research in Italy,

a sector that in 2018 grew by 3.4%, reaching a

value of 492.6 million euros. 


This framework agreement is aimed at supporting the market research companies belonging to the Association, by presenting SPSS Statistics, a solution dedicated to the statistical analysis of data and training appointments.


The subject of the software side agreement isStatistics for Data Analysiscustomizable according to the methods:

  1. Specific software packages for the working sector, with particular reference to the Environmental, Social and Economic, Health or Tourism areas

  2. Individual modules of interest, thus customizing the solution according to your needs

  3. of IBM SPSS Statistics Standard, Professional or Premium


With its Statistics for Data Analysis solution and services, SPS already supports many operating companies in the world of market research, such as Eumetra MR, Nielsen, Sita Ricerca, Via! part of Bilendi and many more, and trusts that this partnership will lead to an even more fruitful collaboration.


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