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SPS presents the new website, central to the Statistics for Data Analysis Solution.

Statistics for Data Analysis is a solution designed and created by the SPS team of professionals, specialized in Statistical Data Analysis


Bologna, 24 February 2021 -SPS, historical protagonist of the world

of Statistical Analysis, has decided to kick off this new year,

reviewing its web presence, to give more and more

emphasis on the Statistics for Data Analysis Solution, powered by SPSS.

The world of data analytics is getting more and more crowded,

with proposals that see potential users approach tools

born for other purposes. For this SPS has decided to make it clearer

its proposal, with a new site characterized by:

  • Greatemphasis on the Statistics for Data Analysis Solution, with its areas of declination and differentiators

  • Richness of contenti, informative and educational

  • Navigation fluencyAndmobile responsive

      Strumenti operativi per trasmettere competenze e abilità nell'utilizzo della  _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   Statistics for Data Analysis Solution

The main position is in fact reserved for operational tools for transmitting software skills and abilities, such as:

  • LaunchBox- Gateway to the solution, offering innovative features and educational content to get the most out of your analytics experiences

  • Add-Ons- Deep knowledge of IBM SPSS Statistics allows SPS to provide its customers with additional functionality, included in the solution

  • Premium module– To activate the Propensity Score Matching technique in the analyze menu

  • App- Mobile extension of the Solution Statistics  for Data Analysis

🥁 SPS: Never give up

SPS continues to respond to and anticipate market needs, with a rapid pace of new proposals: LaunchBox, App and Add-On Premium PScore, the latter available from Version 27 of Statistics for Data Analysis and active in all configurations of the Solution powered by SPSS.
PScore was the most concrete step of the SPS factory so far, after the first AddOns, which already has new projects in the pipeline to strengthen the analysis capabilities of Statistics.

Even the site itself has its own outlined evolution and we will soon find the area in English and also the translation of the many training materials present in the SPS Video Academy.

Editorial contacts

Phone: 051 252573


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