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Even if you stand still, your statistical training can accelerate!

Here are the new SPS OnLine trainings:starting

since September.


SPS for almost 30 years on the analytics market enriches its training offer with scheduled online training: live appointments, made concrete by examples with the Statistics Solution powered by SPSS


Bologna, 23 July 2020 - SPS, historical protagonist of the world of Statistical Analysis,

responds to the needs of the many interested parties, enriching its training offer with live online training.


🎓 Live Training Calendar

The SPS On Line courses are organized on more

sessions, of theduration of approximately two and a half hours:

the teacher reaches the participants live,

using a web platform.



The detailed calendar of appointments and the specific training objectives are presentedin the dedicated area of the SPS website.


Currently the dates have been defined for:

  • INTRO, starting from 7 September until 11: where newbies of the Statistics for Data Analysis Solution powered by SPSS approach introductory topics such as data preparation and deepen thedescriptive statistics

  • TEST, from October 5 until 9: offers una overview of the main parametric and non-parametric statistical tests

  • REG, from November 2 to 6: to build models that allow forrelate phenomena, choose the appropriate model and interpret the results

  • SURV, from 30 November to 4 December: dedicated tosurvival functions


SPS staff training is continuing to work on its online offer, in order to enrich the course panel with MULTI and PSCORE in the 2021 edition.


SPS On Line trainings: scheduled and live proposals


The On Line Training formula is designed to respond to the many interested in SPS training proposals who need to stay in their offices.

The appointment programs are optimized for distance learning (DAD), in the logic of maintaining a relationship and discussion with the teacher: the coursesremote are liveand a theoretical part is accompanied by exercises with Statistics, which allow all participants to have moments of exchange dedicated to the topics covered.


Why choose an On Line SPS course?

  • You will have the opportunity to interact with an experienced teacher

  • You will alternate moments of lesson theoretical with others of practice practice

  • You will participate together with a few other learners (maximum 7 total) to ensure interaction with the teacher

  • You will receive the material used by the teacher during the course

  • You will be able to use a licensetrial di Statistics for Data Analysis, which will be valid for at least 3 months 


👩 🎓 Teachers

Historians in the role of SPS teachers and in popularizing the use of statistics remain:Antonella Santucci, specialist in medical statistics and epidemiology eAriadne Azzellino, professor at the Milan Polytechnic, expert in the analysis of environmental and biological data, active not only in the environmental sector but also in the biomedical field.


📚 Material

Participants in SPS training receive: the certificate of attendance at the course, the presentation used by the teacher, as well as aStatistics for Data Analysis powered by SPSS workarounduseful for carrying out the exercises independently during the appointment.

🥁 SPS: an ever-changing training proposal

Webinars, scheduled courses in the classroom and online, onsite and on the job courses: SPS keeps its training proposal alive, responding to the professional needs of the many interested in the world of statistical analysis with SPSS.


SPS has also decided to keep its Video Academy completely open until the end of August, to allow anyone to devote themselves to training in the field of statistical analysis.

Editorial contacts

Phone: 051 252573


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