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Professional modeler

Improve results and decisions with predictive analytics

Modeler is a predictive analytics platform that helps you rapidly develop accurate predictive models and deliver predictive intelligence to support individuals and businesses. It provides a range of advanced algorithms and analytical techniques for managing and optimizing decisions, which will allow you to gain insights in near real-time.


Modeler was designed to:

  • Improve decisions and results.

  • Identify the value in the data.

  • Simplify integration into existing systems.


Improve decisions and results

  • Develop predictive models with a broad range of advanced algorithms.

  • Integrate predictive models, business rules and optimization techniques to make decisions within certain parameters.

  • Offer suggestions to people and systems when needed, improving decisions and actions.

  • Integrate analytics results into existing operational applications and business processes.

  • Present analytics in BI reports or dashboards, when you integrate Modeler with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

  • Integrate IBM Cognos TM1 to consume or present data in a Cognos TM1 cube.


Identify the value in the data

  • Manage analytics regardless of the location of stored data, such as data warehouses, databases, text files, etc.

  • Analyze data in Hadoop deployments, if you integrate Modeler with IBM SPSS Analytic Server.

  • Analyze structured data, such as age, price, product, location, and so on

  • Identify insights and detailed patterns within the data

  • Reduce complexity with automated processes for modeling and preparing data.


Simplify integration into existing systems

  • Use the solution with IBM databases or third-party databases to distribute and classify models more quickly and efficiently.

  • Facilitate analytics workflows by integrating Modeler with Statistics, Cognos Business Intelligence, Cognos TM1 and InfoSphere Streams.

  • Reduce data movement and increase performance with Server version

  • Evaluate predictive models with a champion challenger approach and automate the evaluation process.


Modeler Professional Data Sheet

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