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Costa Cruises chooses Business Analytics to derive value from data

Through the use of the SPSS Modeler platform, the European leader in the cruise sector reduces costs and makes the process of analyzing marketing and commercial data more effective and efficient.


The exponential growth of data and digital information is a trend that is revolutionizing the business world. Fundamental, in this evolutionary process, is the use ofanalytics toolswhich allow you toget valueefficiently and effectivelyfrom the multitude of company data, Forbuildabetter knowledgeof thecustomerAndimprove speedwith which the business can act and influence the customer and the market.

A need also felt byCosta Crociere, a leading European company in the sector with over 19,000 employees in 70 countries, which wanted to make the most of its database to prepare an increasingly personalized offer.

To profile and manage its customers quickly and optimally, Costa Cruises has chosen, with our help, the solution ofBusiness Analytics SPSS Modeler, preferred for its completeness and extreme simplicity of use and installation, which also allows staff without IT skills to carry out analyzes and set up activities effectively.

SPSS Modeleris an advanced Analytics solution that allows companies in any sector to exploit the information potential of company data to find hidden correlations and translate them into targeted marketing and commercial actions.

Thanks toSPSS Costa Cruisesis now able to more efficiently interpret thecustomer behavior, Ofcarry out increasingly targeted and effective marketing campaigns, Ofmake forecasts on future trends and anticipate the trends of the reference market, streamlining operational activities and associated costs.

The adoption of the SPSS Modeler Analytics solution has allowed Costa Cruises to achieve important improvements in terms of:


  • improvement of commercial effectiveness;

  • cost reduction;

  • reduction of times for the preparation and implementation of promotional activities;

  • recovery of IT resources to devote to other core activities;

  • identification of new business opportunities.


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