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Download link Statistics for Data Analysis V.26

(for Windows operating systems)

The above link allows access to the LaunchBox designed to facilitate:

  • The Statistics for Data Analysis software download, which includes SPSS Statistics and Add-Ons

  • License activation

  • Starting the software (after the first download)

  • Access to both informative content (for example the dates of the next courses) and in-depth information (for example the user manuals)


Whenever you start the software (after the first installation) double click on the Statistics for Data Analysis icon

which installs on the desktop.







At the top of the Dashboard you can launch SPSS Statistics:


avvio versione.PNG
logo shell.PNG

Or take a look at the news, upcoming Webinars and the course calendar, download the manuals, etc.

See the manual with all the details del LaunchBox :

Installing and Activating Statistics Amos V. 26:

  • Start Statistics for Data Analysis from the desktop icon (or find it from Start\ Statistics for Data Analysis)

  • Go to Additional Tools

  • Select the Statistics Amos V icon. 26

  • Click Install on the right side of the dashboard

  • At the end of the installation, a dialogue box will appear in which to enter the license key, necessary for activating the software


To start Amos after the first installation:

  • Start Statistics for Data Analysis from the desktop icon

  • Open Amos from the Analyze/ IBM SPSS Amos menu

Avvio Amos.PNG

To install and activate Statistics for Data Analysis V. 26 on Macintosh and Linux:

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