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Download link Statistics for Data Analysis V.25

To access the links below, use the following credentials:




Statistics for Data Analysis 25 CLIENTS


Windows 64bit:

Windows 32bit:





After installing the client, it is recommended to install Fix Pack 1 according to your operating system, which corrects some errors of the original version.

Fix Pack1 for Windows 64bit:

Fix Pack1 for Windows 32bit:

Fix Pack1 for Mac:

Fix Pack1 for Linux:


License Manuals


English (all modules)


Installation manuals



To be used only if you have network licenses, which provide for the management of concurrent accesses


Statistics Amos v.25


Amos Manuals:


Data Access Pack

To be used only if it is necessary to import data from external databases (for example Sql, Oracle, etc.)

It is recommended to download the software as soon as possible in order to save it on your archives.

These links or the entire page may undergo changes or no longer be available without notice. This could happen, in particular, when new versions are released.

Please note that SPS provides support (both technical and in terms of software licenses and related codes) only for the latest released version and, as far as possible, for the previous one.


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