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SPS opens its own YouTube channel, to make Statistics more and more at your fingertips

The Statistics for Health power by SPSS clip is the first video shared on the new SPS YouTube channel, where we will soon find more informative material


Bologna, 18 June 2020 -SPS, historical protagonist of the world of Statistical Analysis,

has also opened its own YouTube channel, to reach those interested in statistical data analysis in an ever more widespread way.


The will of the management of SPS is that

to have multiple ways of dialogue with the interested parties

within the scope of statistical analysis, as they demonstrate

recent picks:


  • Live webinars, also available on demand in the Video Academy

  • Statistics for Data Analysis app, useful for taking advantage of training content even on the move

  • Statistics LaunchBox, for an intuitive and complete dashboard

  • Scheduled and online training, always live to ensure interaction with teachers

  • New YouTube channel


Youtube channel


The first shared video is dedicated to the knowledge of the Statistics for Health Solution, to make potential users understand the possibilities that this software for statistical analysis can realize.

The thoughts of healthcare personnel, as never before, are oriented towards the search for information that can be inferred from the many sources available, from the large quantities of data available, from files of different formats. But how to navigate in this complexity? Statistics for Health, the solution dedicated to the medical world of the Statistics for Data Analysis suite, shows itself with its simple and intuitive interface, with dialog boxes that facilitate those with a non-statistically trained background.


Statistics for Health power by SPSS is recognized by the scientific community because it is reliable and has been used by health professionals for over 20 years for scientific publications and studies. Discover the Statistics solutions to transform your data into information and make statistics at your fingertips:

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Phone: 051 252573


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