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SPS opens a new Customer Area, to better share 30 years of history

The SPS customer area is accessible from the site, with increasingly interactive sections to facilitate knowledge of the Statistics for Data Analysis Solution, powered by SPSS


Bologna, 12 July 2021
SPS, historical protagonist of the world of Statistical Analysis, continues its opening path towards

customers, with the desire to make their experiences an increasingly shared asset.


In 2021, SPS constantly requested feedback from its partners, thanks to surveys dedicated to various areas of choice:

  • Next Premium module to be developed thanks to the SPS factory

  • Monthly webinars

  • Tools to be included in the Customer Area


SPS Customer Area

A few days ago, the announcement of the creation of a new Customer Area where it is now possible to:

  • Find a form to send methodological and functional questions on the use of Statistics for Data Analysis, powered by SPSS

  • Please refer to already given answers, real tutorials to get more tips

  • Direct access to the Video Academy

The Customer Area expands the range of services included in the SPS Service Programand can be seen from the link:

  • SPS: Never give up

SPS continues to respond to and anticipate market needs, with a rapid pace of new proposals: LaunchBox, App and Add-On Premium PScore, available from Version 27 of Statistics for Data Analysis and active in all configurations of the Solution, powered by SPSS; webinars, solution development and sharing tools defined thanks to direct dialogue with its customers.

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