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SPS presents the App Statistics for Data Analysis to improve the use of contentStatistics for Data Analysis opens to mobile with its APP


Bologna, 10 September 2019 - SPS, historic player in the world of Analytics, launches its own App on the market, thanks to which users will receive all the materials that the company

constantly shares, even more directly.


The Statistics for Data Analysis App


The App is a mobile extension of the Solution Statistics

where multiple contents are available:

  • The Video Academy, with an open area
    and one reserved for customers

  • Calendar Training scheduling,
    with the specification of the themes that will be eviscerated

  • The dates and topics of the scheduled Webinars

  • The possible configurations of the SPSS Statistics for Data Analysis Solution,
    for statistical data analysis


The Statistics for Data Analysis App is a direct gateway to the entire SPS team!


The first feedback from the App Statistics

The Statistics for Data Analysis App is immediate, updated and free, as confirmed by Dr. Caterina Lanfredi, post Doc collaborator at the Milan Polytechnic who tried it in preview: ”The impact of using it_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ of the App of Statistics is of an essential concreteness. It's an easy and straightforward tool to stay up-to-date on SPSS statistical topics and educational offerings. It has informative and above all educational value.


The desire to carry on the App project was born from the various requests of customers, eager for a dedicated channel for the Statistics world, easy to reach even on the move. The SPS staff took the suggestion and over the summer months organized the configuration of the tool, its usability and the themes to highlight.


Statistics for Data Analysis is thus even more scalable!

The App is available for free on the App Store and on the Google Play Store and of course from the SPS website itself:



DEM Lancio APP (con scritta e loghi).jpg

Editorial contacts

Phone: 051 252573


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