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The Analysis of Variance for Environmental Data

In the world we live in, the link betweenstatistic analysis, safeguardingenvironmentand of health.

Indeed, it is the result of statistical research, which has provided incontrovertible proof of the damage that climate change, atmospheric and noise pollution cause not only to man, but also to the entire environment.


By virtue of the increasing importance that statistics are assuming in this area, during this presentation we will show a general overview of some of themstatistical techniquesof synthesis and investigation that can be used in the analysis of environmental data, such as for example the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).


Goalsof the presentation:

  • Provide a firstintroductiongeneral information on the preparation of data and on the identification of the optimal statistical technique in relation to the type of data and the objectives of the analysis

  • Show an introduction toAnalysis of Variance, consisting of a set of statistical techniques that allow for the verification of hypotheses relating to the differences between the means of two or more populations

Presentation Agenda:

  • Finding outliers

  • Data control

  • Exploration of the dataset

  • Introduction to the Analysis of Variance

  • Practical examples withStatistics for Data Analysis

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