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“Factoral analysis with Statistics for Data Analysis”: the SPS live Webinar


Bologna, 05 June 2019 - SPS, historic player in the world of Analytics, continues to offer appointments - live and online - to strengthen skills in the use of the SPSS Statistics for Data Analysis solution.

Wednesday 12 June at 2.30pm
SPS will be live with a new webinar:
Factor analysis with Statistics for Data Analysis”.

The online appointment will focus on Factor Analysis,

one of the most commonly used multivariate analyses,

through the use of the Statistics for Data Analysis solution

and will propose numerous concrete application examples.

Factor analysis can be thought of as a search for

latent variables starting from some observed variables: one observed has actually been measured,

while a latent variable has not been measured, perhaps it has not even been and therefore is hypothesized and analyzed through its effects.

Techniques of this type are currently used in every research sector, from environmental, agronomic, to health, psychological, epidemiological and pharmaceutical research, up to social and economic research, but also in market research and in numerous marketing techniques.

"During the presentation, we will see how the same analysis technique can be used in very different contexts, offering a great synthesis power and the possibility of effectively analyzing multidimensional datasets, made up of a large number of variables" said Arianna Azzellino, professor at the Polytechnic of Milan who has been collaborating with SPS for some time in relation to training activities.

SPS organizes its webinars thanks to the ideas it receives from the realities with which it collaborates, as well as from its attentive presence in the field. The topics so far have concerned the medical and health fields, scientific research, environmental issues or in the social, economic or tourist fields.

In addition to topics, presentations are also differentiated by skill level, ranging from introductory topics, such as data access and data preparation, to more specific topics, such as regression analysis, survival analysis, etc. .

SPS webinars are an important piece of a complete training offer, which combines these panoramic moments of in-depth study in the classroom with scheduled training lasting a few days, onsite and on-the-job courses, online training.

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